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National Credit Act

The National Credit Act states that any South African citizen or entity who is over indebted can apply for Debt Review under the above mentioned Act.

In these difficult economic times and climate we act as legal representatives for our clients who are struggling to meet their financial commitments.


Why make use of SOER CONSULTANCIES to reconstruct your debt to lower your monthly installments?
  1. Our Company consists of legal experts headed by Adv Gerhard Soer and our Attorney Yolanda van Jaarsveld.
  2. Fully trained Debt Consultants who will guide you through the process, assist in saving money and ensure you become debt free in the shortest time possible.
  3. Dedicated client services department who are always available for all queries and concerns


The ADVANTAGES of going under Debt review i.t.o the National Credit Act are:

    • A grace period of up to three months for the client, while we negotiate more affordable repayments/ installments with your creditors;

    • We negotiate more affordable payments to place our clients in a position to pay off all their accounts;

    • Once you have supplied us with your budget, we negotiate with your creditors to fit all your debt into your monthly budget;

    • Once your application has been approved, none of your valuable assets can be sold or repossessed and all your creditors are satisfied

    • Your creditors stop bothering you during this time and our offices handle these headaches on your behalf.

    • By placing yourself under Debt review we prevent sequestration/liquidation which has a lot of negative consequences and which is a highly expensive court procedure.


Thus if you are indeed over indebted or struggling to meet your financial obligations kindly send us an email on , and we will contact you asap.

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