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Annual Returns:   
Since when must Annual Returns be submitted to CIPC ?

1 September 2008

The Purpose of the annual return ?

In keeping with legislation, each close corporation ia compelled in terms of the Act to lodge an Annual return once a year. The Registrar of companies needs to determine two things:

- Whether a registered organisation in still in business

- Confirmation that the Registrar is in possession of the latest information of the company.

What will happen if I fail to lodgement the close corporation/company's Annual Return ?

Should a close corporation/company's fail to lodge and pay for its Annual Returns for a period of more than 6 months, the Registrar may conclude that the close corporation/company's is no longer conducting business and may refer it to be deregistered

What costs and protocols are involved

Cost for Close Corporations:

Turnover < R50 mil   R650
Turnover > R50 mil   R4500


Cost for Companies:

Turnover < R1 mil R650
Turnover between R1 mil and R10 mil R950
Turnover between R10 mil and R25 mil R3000
Turnover > R25 mil R4500

Complete online Annual Return:

Annual Returns refer to the information that companies and close corporations must submit to the Registrar as confirmation that the company / close corporation is still in business and that the information provided is still valid. It is only a reflection of the information, and if you require doing an amendment, please complete our online form by clicking here.
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