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Amend a Close Corporation (CC) or Company     

The cost for this registration is: R 590.00

We support the following CC / Company Amendments:

1) Change of Business Name
2) Add/Remove Members / Directors
3) Change of Addresses
4) Change of Accounting Officer / Auditor
5) Change of Member / Director Information, Contribution, or Interest Percentage
or any combination of the above.

Please follow the instructions below:

- Complete the your contact details below and click on submit.
- On the next page, complete the required amendments to be made.
- Pay R 590.00 into our bank account
 (Please use your Reference Number when making payments)
- Post the neccesary documents to us (We will provide you with a list of required documents)
- Amendments can take up to 4-6 weeks to be registered

If you have any questions or need assistance please email us on




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