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cc registrations cipro dti
cc registrations cipro dti
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  Domain Name Registrations for only R300, Affordable Hosting packages available !!  


A domain name is a name used to locate and display a website. A domain name is an easy to remember name that refers to an IP address.
An IP address is an address written in dotted decimals (such as 123.4.567.8) that computers use to determine what website to display.

Domain Name Extension Registration Fee Annual Fee - South African Commercial companies R300 R300
.com - International Commercial companies R400 R400

The successful registration of domain names is dependent on a third party Registrar.
Domain registration costs are non-refundable.
BusinessNeeds Online™ offers free domain parking.

When you change hosting companies, your domain name Registrar must be given the necessary information to redirect traffic to your new hosting location. As soon as your registration record is updated to reflect our Name Servers, we will discuss and allocate an appropriate hosting Package to suit your needs.


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cc registrations cipc dti
cc registrations cipc dti